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Features contained in the Demo

  1. We provide a Maven-Plugin that you can integrate into your build or invoke directly.
  2. The plugin scans your direct and transitive dependencies for vulnerabilities (CVEs).
  3. All findings are reported on the CLI and a separate Markdown file incl. fix suggestions.
  4. An HTML version of the Bill-of-Materials including all used licenses of the scanned project can be generated.

Paid features on request

  1. Detect hidden vulnerabilities in dependencies introduced by code-clones from other dependencies (rebundling/repackaging).
  2. Integration in widely used dashboards like DependencyTrack and DefectDojo.
  3. Jenkins integration inclusive dashboard and source-line precise listing of the locations that introduce the vulnerable dependencies.
  4. Support for the Gradle build automation tool.
  5. Automated Pull-Request for GitHub/GitLab with fixes for the found vulnerabilities.

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